Common SQL


Nick Levine



This tutorial will use Xanalys' LispWorks for Windows to communicate with a Microsoft(R) Access database via ODBC. The intended audience is anybody with a working knowledge of lisp and at least some knowledge of SQL, who is interested in seeing how the two can be combined. On the other hand most of the material should be accessible to people with little or no SQL experience.

We'll cover:

        how to get connected to an ODBC database and send it queries and commands using standard SQL;

        Common SQL's functional interface: altogether more elegant and lisp-like;

        an object-oriented interface which allows you to map CLOS classes onto database views, class slots onto attributes in those views, and instances onto records from the views;

        a brief overview of Uncommon SQL: the free, vendor-independent and platform-portable clone of Common SQL.

About the Instructor


The author worked on the LispWorks project at Harlequin for ten years. Since then he has taught lisp to undergraduates, written an open-source search engine, and taken up the stress-free existence of a software consultant.