Daniel Barlow



Title: CLiki: Collaborative Content Management for Community Web Sites


Abstract: Content maintenance is often a problem for web resources of
community-oriented groups: without a budget or responsibility for
updates, they tend to happen infrequently or piecemeal.  The
comparatively small size of the Lisp community has tended to
exacerbate this effect for many Lisp-related sites.

This presentation describes CLiki, a collaborative web site engine
designed to sidestep this problem by allowing any Internet user to
update the content, and also a popular web site based on that engine
containing Lisp-related free software links.  We consider the design
decisions in the software, speculate amateurishly about the effects
they have on the content, and consider CLiki's history over the last
two years and the likely directions it and its related projects will
take in future.