Call For Papers


At the start of the 21st century we see the challenges ahead: Applications will be more dynamic than ever and will be part of the fibers of the Web, software and hardware robots will be our assistants, and biology will be source of both computational problems  and programming metaphors. Applications will be customized to individuals who happen upon them, our needs and desires will be served by artificial beings, and our software may more accurately resemble a termite nest than Rube Goldberg inventions.

Will our mainstream concepts, approaches, and languages hold up? Where might we turn for progress, inspiration, and technology? Was it right in front of us all along? The International Lisp Conference addresses these questions and more.


*    Day 1: Lisp & Functional Languages

*   Day 2: Web Applications

*   Day 3: Robotics & AI

*   Day 4: Bioinformatics



Additional Information on each individual theme will be provided shortly.