Invited speakers

Follow the links in table below for invited speakers' abstracts.

David Moon Genuine, full-power, hygienic macro system for a language with syntax
Gerald Jay Sussman Evolvability and Robust Design
Shriram Krishnamurthi The Moby Scheme Compiler for Smartphones, or, Is That a Parenthesis in Your Pocket?
Olin Shivers The Anatomy of a Loop: A Story of Scope and Control

Technical Papers

John Amuedo SciCL: Lisp Extensions for Scientific Computing
David L. Rager, Warren A. Hunt Jr. Implementing a Parallelism Library for a Functional Subset of LISP
Hannes Mehnert Automatically generated type-safe GTK+ binding for Dylan
Joseph Marshall An Unexceptional Implementation of Continuations
Alexey Radul, Gerald Jay Sussman The (Abridged) Art of the Propagator
Jans Aasman, Gary King Unification of Geospatial Reasoning, Temporal Logic, & Social Network Analysis in Event-Based Systems
John D. Hastings, Alexandre V. Latchininsky CARMA: Platform Freedom for a Graphical Lisp Application through Armed Bear Common Lisp
Jim Newton, Janez Jaklic, Martin Biehl Rhapsody: How CLOS simplifies System-in-a-Package Design
Jorge Vallejos, Pascal Costanza, Tom Van Cutsem, Wolfgang De Meuter, Theo D'Hondt Reconciling Generic Functions with Actors: Generic Function-driven Object Coordination in Mobile Computing
Didier Verna CLOS Efficiency: Instantiation (On the Behavior and Performance of LISP, Part 2.1)
Howard Shrobe Towards a Secure Programming Language: An Access Control System for CommonLisp
Robert P. Goldman, Steven A. Harp Model-based Intrusion Assessment in Common Lisp
Alex S Fukunaga A Parallel, Lisp-Based Genetic Programming System for Discovering Satisfiability Solvers
Tiago Maduro Dias, António Menezes Leitão Jnil: From Java to Common Lisp

Software Demonstrations

Erin Fleming, Glenn House, Kyle McGivney AutoPrice: Automatic Unit Price Forecasting Utilizing Multiple Regression in LISP
Emre Sevinç, Remzi Emre Başar, Boran Puhaloğlu Common Lisp for a Common Cultural Recommendation System: Creating a Cultural Recommendation & Exploration Engine Using Semantic Web
Robert P. Goldman, John Maraist SHOPPER: Interpreter for a High-level Web Services Language
Glenn D. House Sr., Charles A. Cox Operational Assessment Support Information System (OASIS)
François-René Rideau, Spencer Brody XCVB: Improving Modularity for Common Lisp
Jon L White Syntactic Extension of Regular Expression Production Sets using Lisp
Alberto Riva A Common Lisp Application for Large-Scale Bioinformatics


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