The Association of Lisp Users

This conference is the work of the Association of Lisp Users.

The ALU is an international organization whose mission is:

  1. To serve the software community by providing high-quality information about Lisp to current and prospective users and to the software community at large.

  2. To support the Lisp community by hosting an annual conference and providing administrative support for Lisp-related projects and local user groups.

The ALU is incorporated with "not for profit" status in Virginia, USA.

The website

It's all in Lisp

The alien waves its 'lisp' flag

What else did you think we'd use? The backbone of the http://www.international-lisp-conference.org/ website is Allegroserve with Webactions. On top of that we wrote a few lines of Lisp to serve dynamic content.

Any problems?

Please . If there was an error (e.g. a page failed to display properly) it may help if you tell us your IP address (so we can look your transaction up in our logs) and what browser you were using. Many thanks.

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