Blog till you drop

During the conference we imagine a lot of attendees will be blogging, posting photos, twittering and updating their websites. Anyone who doesn't have their own site, or prefers not to use it, can use the ilc07 group blog we have set up on Blogger, - contact and ask for authorisation. You'll need a working gmail account but this can be a throwaway one.

If you are posting elsewhere it would be really helpful if you tagged material with "ilc07" so that we can find it more easily, and so that after the event we have a straightforward way of pulling it all together on the conference website.

Items can be tagged in Flickr or on your blog using the tools provided with the software. If you are a Flickr user then please join the group and tag your photos "ilc07".

For everything in the known universe (it says here) tagged "ilc07", visit; for more information on how Technorati handles tags go to

If you write anything about the conference, or spot relevant postings elsewhere, please tag it "ilc07" on

Let's Lisp again

Our press release was carried by The Register on February 3rd. We are now trying to get this article dugg so that lots of people will notice it.

You can help! Visit the article and follow the Digg this link, or you can go straight to (If you haven't previously joined digg, it's free and takes about a minute.)

If you want just the text of the press release, you'll find it here. Feel free to redistribute it (intact, please).


Go ahead. Make copies of the conference poster and distribute them everywhere.

Call for participation

Will be found here.

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