Welcome to the ILC 2003 Conference Website




The ILC 2003 is a modern software technology conference. The conference promotes today’s most powerful programming languages and paradigms whithin the context of a multi-themed environment. The ILC 2003 themes this year are bold, interesting and challenging. A full day of tutorials will be available. The conference will take in the heart of  New York City.


Sunday Oct 12th  will in fact be the Tutorial day and will include introductory to advanced CL, Scheme & CLOS tutorials. Also featured is a tutorial on Continuations. Our instructors are distiguished individuals, well-established in their fields.


Monday Oct13th will be the Language day and will provide an in-depth excursion into the histories, the designs and the implementations of Common Lisp & Scheme and other functional languages.


Tuesday Oct 14th will be dedicated to the Financial Industry and to Telecommunications. We will hear from leading Financial and Telecommunication Corporations as to the current software challenges faced by these industries and their visions for the future. Modern software technologies used in these industries will be showcased. Current techniques in Intelligent Web Applications will be also presented and examined.


Wednesday Oct 15th will be dedicated to state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology. On the AI side, there will be an emphasis on Planning, Scheduling, Agents and Robotics.  Speakers from the leading AI institutions will provide an insight into the current and the future state of Artificial Intelligence. The Computational Biology track will address some of the more difficult software challenges in the field of Bioinformatics.


We hope you can join us in what will be another incredible and stimulating conference experience.








Raymond de Lacaze

Conference Chair