Seiji Koide



Title:  MOP3: Memory Organization Package  On Meta Object Protocol


Abstract: Memory Organization Package (MOP) developed by Schank et al. is a memory for case library, which is capable to memorize a new instance data of case consistently into hierarchically structured abstract concepts in memory or ontology. We reported the MOP implementation by Common Lisp, Java, and C++ at the Japan Lisp User Group Meeting, JLUGM2000. In this paper, the MOP system has been newly developed on top of CLOS using Meta-Object Protocol (MOP) in order to realize operation supporting services for a large-scale system such as rocket launching. For implementing MOP on MOP, we mapped mop slots onto CLOS object slots straightforwardly. In this case, the primary issue is the system impedance between Memory Organization Package and CLOS. The capability of Meta Object Protocol allowed us to match the impedance between MOP and CLOS. The application of MOP to semantic WEB technologies such as RDF and RDFS is also discussed for the purpose of establishing Web services for the rocket launch supporting. This paper is prepared with the contract under the Japanese IT program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology.








Key Words: Case-based Reasoning, Memory Organization Package, CLOS, Meta Object Protocol