Richard Greeblatt



Precisely Universally Conserved Amino Acid Residues (PUCPs)

Families of homologous proteins from 45 complete genomes representing 31 major phylogenic lineages were examined for amino acids which were exactly conserved in multi-sequence alignments.  A total of 256 Putatively Universally Conserved Positions (PUCPs) were found in 32 protein families.  PUCPs represent the precise preservation of information across billions of years and billions of billions of germ-line replications in independent lineages spanning very nearly all organisms that have ever lived.  It is believed that PUCPs will prove valuable for focusing attention on the very most critical protein-based constraints that underlie life itself and that they have far reaching philosophical implications (which are developed under the next topic).




Evidence that Life on Earth is a product of Intelligent Design

The available evidence relevant to the Directed Panspermia theory advanced by Crick, F.H.C. and Orgel, L. (1973) Icarus 19, 341, will be reviewed.  This topic was previously considered in the book Crick, F.H.C. (1981) Life Itself, (Simon and Schuster, New York).